Publishers’ Profiles


Stefanie is Head of the Production & Design team. Born and bred in Germany, but having always been in love with the English language and English literature, she moved to Scotland 6 months ago to pursue a career in publishing. She loves books and book design, and, thanks to her work, now dreams of margins, leading and typefaces at night.

Sophie is a member of the Editorial and Marketing & Distribution teams. She is a native Scot but after gaining her MSc she hopes to be able to travel and work in different countries. She loves reading books that teach her something new, and her New Year’s resolution was to read all her as-yet-unread books before buying any more. It’s turning out to be easier said than done.

Nadia is the Head of Rights & Finance with some occasional dabbling in Production & Design: she likes being in charge of money and she likes making things look pretty. Originally from North East England, Nadia has lived in Edinburgh for 6 years and hopes to someday move to the Big Smoke to work for a literary fiction publisher. She has too many books and not enough time to read them.

Monika is an optimistic and cheerful Polish lassie who bravely joined the Advertising, Marketing & Distribution team. Together with other girls, she works hard in order to research and prepare the market for our exciting publications. She came to Scotland six years ago and straight away fell in love with the mystical and extraordinary climate of Edinburgh. As soon as she graduates, she hopes to become a part of the publishing camaraderie and proudly promotes Scottish literature worldwide.

Mariliis is an Estonian from the seaside capital Tallinn. Having lived the last 8 years in Finland, she moved to Edinburgh to study on the exciting MSc Publishing programme. Mariliis is a member of the Production & Design team that works hard on making our books look great. Mariliis hopes to only produce beautiful books in the future.

Lauren divides her time between the Rights & Finance and Editorial teams. This gives her the pleasure of being useful where help is needed most, with the variety of work and team members keeping her entertained. As you can see, Lauren likes to keep moving, so it’s hard to say where she’ll end up next…she is already awaiting the day when she can freelance from anywhere in the world and fund her travels to book festivals galore! Enough day dreaming, back to work.

Kirstin is the Project Manager and dabbles a little in every department. She enjoys making lists (just as well) and nitpicking over small details (not so well). She was born and bred in Edinburgh, but would love to live abroad and work as a freelance editor. Kirstin is especially excited to work on these projects because of her great passion for Scottish literature, which she studied at undergraduate

Keridwen is head of the Advertising, Marketing & Distribution team. Born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, she studied English Language Studies at Swansea University before coming to Edinburgh to study publishing. She loves books and magazines equally and hopes to set up her own magazine publishing company in the future. Heading up the marketing team is teaching her to think on her feet and has turned her into a to-do list generator.

Katinka is a hard-working member of the Editorial team who occasionally likes to peek into Production & Design. Originally from Germany, she spent her undergraduate studies in the US and is now continuing her international adventures in Edinburgh. Aside from obsessing over typefaces and rigorously hunting down spelling errors, she loves to read and travel, and hopes to be able to do much more of both in the future.

Karolina is a member of the Production & Design team, and when possible she gets involved in the Marketing group. She loves books which is well known as a bad habit for people working in publishing. Originally from Poland she decided to extend her education in Edinburgh and fell in love with a Scottish beauty.

Hannah is head of the Online & Digital team. Born in Edinburgh but now living in a small town in the South West of England, she studied English Literature at the University of Exeter before returning to Edinburgh for the MSc Publishing course. She is interested in how digitisation is changing publishing and hopes to someday combine her interest in technology with her love of books.

Fiona is a journalist, sub-editor and editor with many years’ experience of newspapers, magazines and the book publishing world. She hopes the MSc Publishing course will prepare her for the rigours of launching her own publishing enterprise. So far, so good… Apart from upgrading dark-age computing ineptitude for the 21st century, she is acquiring design, marketing, budgeting and scheduling skills at dizzying speed. A writer of poetry and prose, she hopes to publish other writers of literary merit who are not yet “names”, and to produce beautiful books at a very modest profit.

Ester is the only Scandinavian on the team, chasing the exciting MSc Publishing programme here at Edinburgh Napier University all the way from Iceland. She is contributing to both the Editorial group as well as the Online & Digital group, trying to get as much experience as possible. Working on copy-editing, website layout, links and fun interactive features for the websites keeps her busy as a bee. She also claims to be an unofficial master of Twitter and Facebook updates.

Erin is Head of Editorial; she’s slightly OCD about grammar but unfortunately suffers from occasional bouts of bad spelling. Erin moved to Edinburgh five years ago for university where she studied English and Philosophy (although she has now mentally blocked out all knowledge of the latter). Erin hopes to one day work as an editor and get to debate the use of semi-colons to her little heart’s content.

CJ spends half of her time in the Editorial team and the other half in Marketing, meaning that she gets to do her two favourite things: wielding a red pen and meticulous planning. As a surrogate Glaswegian, she still isn’t quite used to being in Edinburgh on a daily basis. Her main aim is to get a job she enjoys – which shouldn’t be too difficult if it involves books and cups of tea.

Carmen originally comes from Madrid, and she left sunny Spain behind to start a new, exciting career in Scotland. She fell in love with Edinburgh from the very first time she saw the capital’s old buildings and streets full of history. She is a member of the Online & Digital Department and spends her time behind the screen updating Twitter and Facebook profiles, as well as creating content for the WordPress blogs.

Natacha is a member of the Production & Design team and she is hoping to become an InDesign expert by the end of this year! Originally from a tiny village located in the south of France, she came to Edinburgh 6 months ago to start the MSc Publishing, and is really enjoying this Scottish experience. She loves books, magazines, TV and radio and hopes to get a job in the media industry after she graduates. Will this be in the UK, in France or in some other part of the world? Only the future will tell!

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