Meet the team


The Project Manager

Kirstin, Project Manager

This year, Kirstin is our Project manager. She is doing a great job coordinating and managing all the different department needs and requests. In her own words, her job is to oversee everyone’s great work!


The Editorial Team

From left to right: Erin (Department Head), Ester, Fiona, CJ and Katinka

As the Editorial team, we get to pick the best short stories to be included in Detective McLevy’s Casebook. Then, we can begin editing the proofs and start our role as ‘grammar police’. However, we first need to write the House Style, to keep everything in the book consistent. For the success of this project, we need to collaborate with all the different departments in order to produce information, such as the A.I. sheet, author biography, and design briefs. Most importantly, we get to come up with the title for the book.


From left to right: Fiona, CJ, Sophie, Karolina, Keridwen (Department Head), Kirstin and Monika

Marketing’s main job is to conduct market research, which will inform all the production decisions that will be made about the book. We are responsible for publicity for the book, and work with Editorial to produce the text for the A.I. sheet. It’s our job to contact contributors to write forewords. Finally, we get to organise the big launch at the Bloody Scotland festival at the end of the project.


Design and Production

Left side: Mariliis and Natacha. Right side: Karolina and Stefanie (Department Head)

In the Production and Design team, we are responsible for designing the cover and the inner pages, as well as most of the marketing material such as the A.I. sheet. We are responsible for contacting illustrators, and writing a design brief for them, alongside the Editorial team. At the moment, we are working on setting up pages, trying out different fonts, styles, and margins for the inner pages. We work with the Marketing department to conduct focus groups on which design is best for our target market. We also have to assess the extent of the book, so that the Rights and Finance department can get an accurate printer estimate.


Rights and Finance Team

From left to right: Lauren, Nadia (Department Head) and Kirstin

The Rights and Finance team is responsible for the overall budget of the project – and making sure everyone sticks to it. We have to liaise with Editorial and with Production to determine the number of pages, the size, and the format of a book, in order to get accurate printer quotes. We also write the contracts for contributors, including our cover illustrator, our introduction author and our foreword author.


Online and Digital Team

From left to right: Hannah (Department Head), Carmen and Ester

The Online and Digital department is responsible for setting up the websites, twitter and facebook profiles for the books, and keeping them updated. We also help the group to organise and stay in contact by setting up an email list and creating accounts for the online programmes we use. We are always on the lookout for new content for our website and new ways to create it, recently taking a trip into Old Edinburgh to take creepy photographs for McLevy. We are currently updating the page with more information about the group, and plan to add more information about the books and the authors, short readings, a promotional video, blogs, as well as other interactive content.

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