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New Video Up

Check our brand new short film for Detective McLevy!


Cover Illustration Proposals

Our illustrator, Iain McIntosh, has sent us the first drafts of his ideas for Detective McLevy’s Casebook‘s cover. We have 7 different illustrations so far, all including notes of Iain McIntosh’s thoughts.

You can find these illustrations in our ‘Illustrator’ section in this website. We hope you like them as much as we do! You can see one of the examples below:

McLevy’s Edinburgh


McLevy, a set on Flickr.

These are the photos we took on our trip to The Old Town in Edinburgh. We tried to capture the dark, Victorian mood of McLevy’s Edinburgh.

We Have a Name!

Today, our team has come up with the final title for our book. After a session full of ideas, possibilities and discussions about what would fit best in the market and look better in the cover design, we have agreed a title for our collection of short stories. We all have voted and decided that the book will be named Detective McLevy’s Casebook: Tales of Edinburgh’s Victorian Underworld.

After this exciting decision, we all felt ready to choose the stories that would feature in the book. Our Editorial team had made a great effort by shortlisting 30 stories and writing synopses for all of them, so that all the other teams could also have a voice in the final selection.

Here is the complete list of Detective McLevy’s stories which will be published by Merchiston Publishing:

  • The Conjuror
  • The Handcuffs
  • The Swan
  • The Pirates
  • The Look-out
  • The Hay-seeds
  • The Blood-stained Moleskin
  • The Belfast Keys
  • The Ash-backet
  • The Whisper
  • The Ingenuity of Thieves
  • The Orange Blossom
  • The Sea Captain
  • The Half-crowns
  • The Society Box

Hot news!

This morning we have received great news. We are thrilled to announce that Scottish illustrator Iain McIntosh has confirmed that he is interested in collaborating, once more, with Merchiston Publishing for our McLevy project and will illustrate the cover of the book.

If you want to know more about Iain McIntosh’s fantastic works, you can check his personal website here.


Welcome to our dedicated website for this year’s MSc Publishing students’ live project: A collection of short stories by Victorian Edinburgh detective, James McLevy.