We Have a Name!

Today, our team has come up with the final title for our book. After a session full of ideas, possibilities and discussions about what would fit best in the market and look better in the cover design, we have agreed a title for our collection of short stories. We all have voted and decided that the book will be named Detective McLevy’s Casebook: Tales of Edinburgh’s Victorian Underworld.

After this exciting decision, we all felt ready to choose the stories that would feature in the book. Our Editorial team had made a great effort by shortlisting 30 stories and writing synopses for all of them, so that all the other teams could also have a voice in the final selection.

Here is the complete list of Detective McLevy’s stories which will be published by Merchiston Publishing:

  • The Conjuror
  • The Handcuffs
  • The Swan
  • The Pirates
  • The Look-out
  • The Hay-seeds
  • The Blood-stained Moleskin
  • The Belfast Keys
  • The Ash-backet
  • The Whisper
  • The Ingenuity of Thieves
  • The Orange Blossom
  • The Sea Captain
  • The Half-crowns
  • The Society Box

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